Young Men’s Restoration Academy

Educating our youth socially, mentally, emotionally, physically, and academically to tear down walls of ignorance and build resilience, brilliance, and excellence in every student while broadening knowledge and interaction with the universal human family!

We live in America. We must embrace life, live successfully in this moment, and move together as one family toward a brighter future. We can accomplish this to the fullest extent only when we understand the events that have brought us to the present day. The Restoration Academies for young men and women focus on the here and now, by illuminating how we arrived here. Along with this understanding comes an empowerment that provides enhanced self-worth and character, while inspiring the community at large when walls of division are broken down.

Concrete Rose

To provide a sacred space where the black youth in this community can unite; where they can learn about their history and actively engage in giving back to the community. We believe in exposing our youth to positive representations of themselves so that they can believe if he/she can do it, SO CAN I!

Negasi Gardens

Negasi Gardens is a black-owned non-profit organization located in Muncie, Indiana. Our team focuses on fresh food security as well as educating the local community about agriculture. We own and operate a local urban garden site as well as a larger rural site.

Our goal is to infuse within the community, first the access to fresh produce, and the education of our historical role in agriculture. “It’s more than just growing a tomato. It’s the ART of cultivating the soil, and the transmitting of our knowledge to succeeding generations. That is our agriculture!”

Negasi has volunteer opportunities throughout the year. For more information, to sign up to volunteer, to get connected for produce, or to join our youth classes, visit our website.

RBE Bootcamp

To prepare young people for all elements of service: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, recognizing that our children and young people need a broader, deeper, and fuller educational experience than what one limited background or ethnicity can provide.

  • Turn the minds of the youth to a renewed respect for authority
  • Create a renewed and increased love and honor for parents
  • Training on hygiene and its benefits
  • Introduction of the effects of nutrition and fitness on mental health
  • Inculcate a love for unity among the family of humanity—community
  • How to respect a woman/man
  • Sex education
  • Instigate a love for learning
  • Understanding of history and current events