Education is a door to success in life. But an education cannot lead to success if there is no community support and involvement.

Through our partnership with Muncie Community Schools (MCS), we are currently supporting your schools with eight Student Engagement Activists, all of whom are certified through Real Black Excellence and receiving training for certification by Reading Simplified Academy.

Reading is more than the calling of words; it is the ability to comprehend, to read non-verbal cues; it is the key to gaining access to critical information. We have many years of diverse experiences working with children of many backgrounds and education levels. We have taught orphans in children’s homes, worked with children of foreign lands, and have been in the Muncie community working with children for many years. We love children and see than as part of the hope of our future. We are honored to be a part of this community and are committed to your child’s greatest success.

Meet the

Student Engagement Activists

“We care! Allow us to serve you and show you how much we care for you, your children, and the community!”

Services Offered

In-school, Student Engagement Activists

We are currently instructing students daily through our Student Engagement Activists, primarily with reading and math. We are also filling in for a classroom teacher of a 1st-grade class.

Weekly Parent/Teacher Conferences

The teachers will be available after school from 2:25–3:25 PM every Thursday. If Thursday is not convenient for you, we can make special arrangements.

After-school Tutoring

Our teachers are available Monday through Saturday to schedule tutoring for anyone who wants to sign up.

After-school Childcare

We have childcare available upon your request.

Adult Classes

We have private adult classes available for those who want to sharpen up their skills.

Elementary Book Club

In this club, we provide an opportunity for students to improve their reading skill and reading confidence.

House Cleaning

We would love to supply you with house cleaning upon your private request.

Cooked Meals

We provide healthy, wholesome, nourishing, hot, and delicious meals for you and your family upon request. Ask us about our menu!

Cooking Classes

We offer cooking classes for any parent or child who may have an interest in learning from a state-certified cook how to prepare healthy, simple, and economic meals.

Fashion Design

For students who can be identified as having an interest in fashion design we offer basic sewing classes that provide fundamental grassroots skills to being their journey toward their goal.

Master Barber Introductory Class

A master barber can help direct youth in their desire to learn how to care in the service industry in being a barber.