Nordtek Trailers is a socially conscious manufacturing company with a mission to empower underserved areas through skill development and long-term career opportunities. Their objectives include empowering women, minority groups, and individuals integrating into the community post-incarceration. Through mutual values, our relationship with Nordtek Trailers will provide ongoing value to the Muncie community.

As original members of Real Black Excellence, the owners of The Contracting Company wanted to create a business platform to empower black, brown, and underserved communities. They strive to exemplify the excellence of black-owned business and the power of collaboration beyond the barriers of color. The Contracting Company is a key relationship in the execution of the vision of Real Black Excellence, both present and future.

Brothers’ Barbershop and Haircare is a full-service men’s barbershop, specializing in men’s haircuts and styles, textures, cultures, and beards. More than a barbershop, Brothers’ is a culmination of artistic and personal expression, community, and conversation. As an established, black-owned business, Brothers’ is an important hub of interaction in the Muncie community.

Allen Bontrager Carpentry is a premier roofing and construction company serving Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Oklahoma. They have built their reputation for over 20 years on the values of community, charitableness, and craftsmanship. Our collaboration with Allen Bontrager Carpentry adds jobs, skill development, and entrepreneurial opportunities to Eastern Indiana and Western Ohio.

Ambassador Business Services is a full-scale business development firm specializing in consulting, branding, market, and sales strategy, especially for startups. Ambassador’s goal with Real Black Excellence is to aid in the collective business strategy and enable young entrepreneurs to rise above societal limitations and reach their latent potential as business owners in the community.